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botanical resilience

We humans are not the center of the universe. The Covid virus, reminded me that we are connected to all kinds of earthings that we can turn to for insight.


Walking in tree filtered light calms me, taking in
the patterns and aliveness of plants inspires me.

I feel my body take it all in, creating a grounded-ness and connection to the Earth. Plant wisdom gives me solace during turmoil and the unknown. This aroused me to create these

art pieces – to remind us to connect with the ancient flora spirit for resilience and support. Creating this art series was a meditation. I have a personal relationship with these plants and they provide me with lessons of resilience.
The different steps of researching, drawing, painting, sewing, and cutting gave me time to develop a closer relationship with them and honor their ways.

Media for series: eco recycled paper, Japanese sashiko stitching, watercolor and acrylic paint, paper cutting

vitality, bristlecone pine resilience pillars
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